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The major Internet companies offer city guides in the top 60 Direct Marketing Areas (DMAs) as measured by Nielson rankings. Often a community is covered within those DMAs, even though it might be a considerable distance away. The end result is that your search for a restaurant in Cheyenne Wyoming will offer you options in Denver Colorado, a 90 minute drive - each way. Wired Mountain specifically serves the local marketplace with a focus on community, and county, inside a tight geographical area. Our objective is to provide a platform that becomes an integral part of the local scene, while projecting the area and the business community across the World Wide Web.

Blog Sites

Each community we serve with a Wired Mountain site also has a co-related Blog site. These are intended to provide a fun and entertaining forum for locals and visitors alike to exchange information, ideas and opinions. If you are a contributor or a reader on one of these Blogs we hope you have some fun, and perhaps learn something new. If you know something new, we hope you will share it with the community.

Our Advertising

Many local area guides are put up as an afterthought. Our online guidebooks are the primary business of Wired Mountain. Wired Mountain is in turn part of a supported network of professional Internet companies with significant expertise in every phase of Interactive Marketing. Our background includes experience gained at the AOL properties which include Netscape, Mapquest, CompuServe and America Online. Also with Yahoo and Overture, and other companies considered leaders in the e-conomy of the online business model. We understand how to project your brand and your message to the local marketplace, and to anyone who might be a potential business, vacation or relocation customer. Direct online purchases account for billions of dollars every year. People who research decisions online first, and then purchase through traditional channels account for tens-of-billions in spending. Recent studies have shown that a significant number of web site visitors contact a business via telephone. In addition to the 90% of business travelers who now travel with a laptop, over 60% of vacation travelers carry one also. Increasingly online advertising reaches other handheld users to include cell phones, PDAs, and now MP3 devices. Advertising on the Internet is a powerful, cost efficient format for branding, marketing and sales.

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For general information on our e-publications contact us using: admin@wiredmountain.net
For advertising on one of our sites, or for other Interactive Marketing services contact us using: sales@wiredmountain.net